Dear Chihiro


Watching your journey has always brought me peace. I don’t know why that is, precisely, but I appreciate it. Spirited Away has become something like a lullaby for me, on the nights when the pain was at its worst.

I suppose I should explain that last part. For many years now, I’ve dealt with a wide range of medical problems, autoimmune and chronic pain disorders that have been very debilitating. They won’t kill me, but there’s no cure either. My body is weak. It makes me feel weak, even though it’s not my fault that I have these problems.

But watching your journey, to become Sen, and then to become Chihiro again, helps me find a new kind of strength within myself. Because you show me a different kind of strength, one that isn’t in most stories. You aren’t some fantastical warrior hero, who succeeds by fighting monsters or destroying evil. You overcame by being kind. And by remembering who others were- and who they had the potential to be- you save people.

Maybe we all stay the same, deep down, while still growing up and out and into other things. You remembered who you were. You remembered Haku and your parents. People who were all different, yet the same

I am different now, and will never be the kind of strong that most people think of. But there is strength in living the life I was given. There is strength in kindness. There is strength in simply doing what the world requires of me. And there is incredible strength in loving others. I suppose that what brings me peace as I watch your film. Knowing that I can be strong in ways I never thought of before all this happened to me, that I can be different and the same all at once.

Peace is something I need more than ever these days. Thank you, Chihiro, for helping me find it.

Love always,

A friend




Chihiro is from the film Spirited Away written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki


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