Dear Winry Rockbell


I’ve always admired you so much. I even started piercing my ears to look like yours. Which is sort of silly, but I think you’ll understand? You pierced yours because you admired Riza Hawkeye, right? It’s a way of emulating someone’s good personality traits in a physical action. It helps you remember, but somehow, I think it helps you change too. And I want to be more like you. I need to borrow some of your patience, if that’s okay.

See, you were always good at knowing exactly which things you were capable of fighting, of changing, and which things you would just have to be patient and allow happen in their own time. That’s why you were so good at being there for Ed and Al. You didn’t try to take their problems onto you. You didn’t try to fix them, because you knew you couldn’t. You knew that wasn’t your place. And you were patient enough to be okay with that, even when it was hard to watch from a distance.

I need to remember that for myself. Life is really frustrating, especially when it feels like there’s nothing I can do to change the world. Or fix someone else’s problems. Or fix myself. That’s just how life is sometimes. We do what we can, and we have to be patient for the rest. Most importantly, we find ways to make what we do while we’re waiting matter. You couldn’t go out and save the world. You couldn’t give Ed and Al their bodies back. But you gave them a place to come home to. A smile and a leg to lean on. You went out and helped people, individuals, in the little ways that keep the world spinning in the face of catastrophe.

So I’m going to just keep living and doing what I can. You’ve shown me that that will be enough.


Your friend



Winry Rockbell is from the manga and anime series Fullmetal Alchemist by Hiromu Arakawa


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