Dear Aang,


Wow, a lot of these letters have been kind of downers lately, huh? I mean, they weren’t written to you, so you wouldn’t know. But really, yeah. Kind of a glum series I’ve got going on here.

That’s why I’m writing to you now. Because to me, you represent joy, even in the darkest of circumstances. And not the fake kind, always putting on a smile for other’s sake, pretending everything is going to be okay when you know it’s not. You had those moments, same as anyone else, sure. Far fewer moments than me though. Because you found a way to experience life and joy and light and freedom, when the world tried it’s hardest to take that away from you.

Some of that is an airbender thing, I know. Living life in the moment, staying away from material attachment, focusing on what is rather than what might be or what was. Most of the credit, however, rests with you. Aang, you have this lightness to you, both in the sense of air and of shining bright. You make people smile. Laugh. You bring hope. Not because you’re the Avatar, but because you’re you.

Thank you. I’ve always been able to count on you for that, but it’s even more than just enjoying your show and your story. You’ve helped me look at the world, but more importantly, myself, in different ways. With forgiveness. With kindness. With hope. With joy.

That doesn’t mean I have to be okay all the time. It’s not weak to feel things, or to hurt or grieve or need help from others. Things are bad sometimes, yeah. But there are so many good things too, and I want to go out and find them. I want to go on adventures. Find the freedom to see the world, but also to enjoy the little moments right here where I am, right now. There are dogs to pet. There is music to listen to. There are stars to gaze at. There is peace to be found. And when I struggle to remember that, I think of you.

So really, only one thing that remains to be said-

Will you go penguin sledding with me?


A Friend



Aang is from the television series Avatar: the Last Airbender


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